March 29, 2017

Response to Controller’s Announcement on 3/29/17

Public Policy

Michael Nutter's response to Controller Butkovitz Report

"I have always taken fiscal management and accountability seriously, and these principals were the hallmark of my Administration. The allegations by the City Controller are completely false and baseless. I find perplexing that he alleges there is no information about expenditures, and then purports to give a report with details about the same expenditures made with credit cards, so obviously there is information available. The legitimacy of any investigation is also questionable where, as here, the City Controller has NEVER posed a single question to me, directly sought an explanation from me or the individuals whose integrity his reports impugn. I am confident that all of these dollars were spent for allowable purposes, and of course, the proper receipts and record keeping should be available. Let's look at one example. The Controller seems obsessed with the Papal preparations and visit which were all well publicized, which he continuously criticized, as if he dislikes the Pope. The entire City knew that some Administration members were traveling to Rome, and the Papal visit was great for Philadelphia. I am more troubled, however, by the Controller’s persistent determination to “litigate” this matter through press conferences, rather than to conduct a thorough investigation by first giving the individuals whose conduct he criticizes the opportunity to meet and discuss concerns, respond to his assertions, and then incorporate their responses into a complete report, as is the Controller’s historic usual practice. That process was not followed in this case, and you must question why not. The Controller is desperately fabricating an issue where there is no real issue. When you look at the calendar, you really have to question his tactics, motives and timing."