November 18, 2015

Letter from President Obama

Governing and Leadership

As Michael A. Nutter nears the end of his final term as mayor, President Obama congratulates him on being honored for his outstanding service to the City of Philadelphia


The Honorable Michael A. Nutter
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Michael: 

It is my pleasure to join in congratulating you on being honored for your outstanding service to the city of Philadelphia.

Since the beginning of your first term, you have been one of our country's finest Mayors, helping bring about enduring progress for one of America's most iconic cities and for our Nation as a whole. You have been a powerful champion for education, health care, social justice, and equality, and your committment to expanding opportunity has made you an extraordinary ally. It is clear you have lifted up the city you love in lasting ways. As you reflect on all you have achieved and look toward all you will continue to do in the coming months, take pride in the stronger, more hopeful Philadelphia you have helped shape.

Again, congratulations on this honor. Your partnership and friendship mean a lot to Michelle and me, and we wish you, Lisa, Christian, and Olivia the very best.


Barack Obama